Fearless Conference 2017

“We stand Fearless…” Psalm 46 (msg)

+ July 19th - 21st
+ Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre
+ $55

Fearless is about one thing: raising up generations of young people who truly understand what it is to love and serve Jesus and lead others to do the same.

+ If you want to learn how to set culture rather than bow to it, Fearless Conference is for you.
+ If you want to know how to share Jesus with your friends and answer the hard questions of faith, Fearless is for you.
+ If you want to learn how to be a Christian leader and stay strong, energized and passionate, Fearless is for you.

With worship, Tribe Wars and inspirational teaching from our speakers, Ps Mike Hands (Newlife Uniting Church) and
Ps Katie Iles (Journey Uniting Church), Fearless Conference will help you build a foundation of fearless faith, servant leadership and real relationship with Jesus.

We can’t wait to see you there!